How to Take Care of an Injured Pet Fish

What is the first thing to do in case of an injured pet fish? One must act quickly in order to prevent an epidemic from occurring when one fish inside the aquarium gets injured. Quarantine tanks are effective in keeping the injured pet fish safe until it recuperates and is able to co-exist with the others. The temporary tank should be set-up in a similar manner to the main tank. This will make the fish comfortable and eliminate any feelings of isolation that may lead to stress. Ensure that the fish is happier in the new environment.

Tips for Caring for an Injured Pet Fish

  • Use Nystatin ointment to treat the wounds of the fish. This is a very active ointment that has been specially formulated to stick to the fish’s skin thus promoting the healing process. In order to apply the ointment, you’ll be required to remove the fish from the aquarium. Place the fish on top of a wet cloth which will facilitate normal breathing. Apply the ointment twice daily until the wound heals.
  • Another equally effective ointment that you can use on an injured pet fish is Volon-A. The application procedure is similar to Nystatin. You can mix this ointment with powdered antifungal agents, sulfonamides or antibiotics if need be. The ointment should be 95% while the additional medication should be 5%.
  • A mixture of neomycin and Combisonum ointment helps in protecting the fish from bacterial infection. Apply the mixture onto the skin of the injured pet fish twice daily. Once you notice that the fish’s wound is beginning to heal, apply the mixture once a day, then once in two days, and so forth.
  • Those who prefer not to use ointments can care for their pet by using Acriflavin. This is a solution that is mixed with the aquarium water. Use 1ml of Acriflavin for 1L of water. After the wound heals completely, pour out the water and fill the aquarium with fresh water.

After Treatment Care for an Injured Pet Fish

After the fish has healed, it’s time to re-introduce the pet back to the aquarium. Bear in mind that you’ll be required to disinfect the main aquarium in order to eliminate all chances of contamination. There are several methods that can be used here:

  1. Salty Water- This method is usually costly especially when you have a huge aquarium. However, you can use the water to disinfect equipment only. Disinfection takes 1 day.
  2. Potassium Permanganate- Remove all the fishes from the main aquarium and fill it with water. Immerse all the equipment inside the water and add the potassium permanganate. After 3 days, remove all equipment from the tank and use clean water for rinsing.
  3. Isopropanol Alcohol- Use a spray bottle to spray the Isopropanol alcohol to the aquarium. Be sure to do so in an evenly manner and allow sufficient time to dry. The alcohol will evaporate thus no rinsing will be required.

All in all, always treat an injured pet fish immediately you notice the wounds. Failure to do so will leave the fish vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infections. Attacks from the other fishes may also occur.

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