Managing Common Diabetes Mellitus Complications through a CPR Class

Managing Diabetic Emergencies

Managing Diabetic Emergencies

Because of the high prevalence rate and permanence of diabetes mellitus or simply diabetes, many tend to forget about its most common complication which also happens to be just as, if not more lethal, than diabetes itself. This is none other than cardiovascular diseases. This is why taking a CPR class is important for those who are taking care of diabetic patients. Here are some information on how common and deadly this complication actually is.

The number of Diabetic people who are at risk are rising

In comparison to the other countries who joined the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, Canada’s obesity rate is relatively higher. It is only a few numbers behind United States and England in which obesity is not really a new issue. It has also been projected that Canada’s obesity rate will increase by 8% in the coming years. It has also been revealed that more Canadians have a sedentary lifestyle today than in the previous years.

Considering that obesity and having a sedentary lifestyle are two of the most notorious risk factors for developing heart diseases, the number of people who are more likely to develop cardiovascular problems will increase in the coming years as these projections include diabetic and non-diabetic individuals.

Many diabetics patients die from cardiovascular complications

Out of the nine million Canadians who are projected to have pre-diabetes or diabetes, more than seven million are projected to die from cardiovascular complications. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, 80% of Canadians who have diabetes are more likely to die from a stroke, heart attack or other heart problems. It was also determined that cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death for diabetic patients all over the world.

Taking a CPR class enable caregivers, guardians or even ordinary bystanders to administer proper resuscitation techniques to either a complete stranger or loved one who might be suffering from a cardiovascular complication which is caused by diabetes. They will also be taught how to properly administer insulin injections and other medications which diabetic patients desperately need during medical emergencies.

Considering that the prevalence rate of diabetes is very high not just in Canada, but in other countries as well, taking a CPR class will enable you to save the lives of many people who might be suffering from the disease. This is why taking these classes is high advisable not just for those who are taking care of diabetic patients, but also for those who are simply looking for a way to help other people during emergencies.

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