Do Not Give Excuses Anymore! Learn CPR Training

CPR training Class well arranged for Trainees

CPR training Class well arranged for Trainees

The continual advocacy for the saving of lives through CPR training has allowed many individuals to take up this form of first aid training. In fact, due to the popularity of the same, more CPR training centers are opting to offer first aid training alongside that of CPR to create an effective measure against the numerous emergencies that continually affect the human race today. The importance of using CPR cannot be underestimated at all owing to the function of the same in individuals who need this technique. The sole function of CPR is to restore the normal flow of blood to different vital parts of the body with the aim of improving the survival rate of the victim.

Since CPR plays such a fundamental role, it is important for individuals, both in the medical field and other fields to partake in CPR training. What remains interesting however, is the fact that even with this knowledge, a good percentage of the average citizen will not go for this training. Granted, there is a wide array of reasons given for such, but the least of this ought to be the inability to meet the cost of training. Why is this so? This is so for the simple reason that if you look harder, you will notice that there are available classes that offer CPR and first aid training and for which you do not have to pay a single cent. If you are still skeptical about whether or not you need to learn CPR, here are some quick facts that will hasten your decision-making:

–          Cardiac arrest is among the leading causes of death in adults across the world.

–          In children, choking and suffocation are the leading cause of preventable deaths, especially for children under the age of one.

–          In children between one and fourteen, choking is the fourth most common cause of death.

–          With the availability of first aid and CPR techniques, there are higher chances of survival for the victim. This is because CPR helps to take blood to vital organs so that they do not shut down.

–          More than 70% of cardiac arrests occur outside of the hospital setup, making it imperative for individuals to go for CPR training.

–          Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible for HIV transmission to take place as a result of the provision of rescue breaths. Even with these concerns, there is still the option of hands-free CPR meaning that there is still a way out.

–          If CPR is provided within four minutes following the victim’s heart rate stopping, and the use of an AED followed through within 10 minutes of the emergency, the victim has a 40% increase in the chances of their survival.

There is more than enough reason for anyone to take up CPR training seeing as there are very grim statistics in the present world we live in. It is better to be prepared and never to have to use the skills than to have an emergency and not be prepared for it.

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