Renewals / Re-Certifications


First aid and CPR re-certification classes

First Aid and CPR renewal / re-certification classes are courses designed for people that need to renew expiring certificates. St Mark James is the most popular and flexible providers so the majority of the information posted here will be about St Mark James renewal classes. The certification provided through these renewal classes is identical to value as the original class but the course itself is significantly shorter and cheaper.

First Aid and CPR Classes available for Renewals

  • Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR
  • Stand-alone CPR “C”
  • Stand-alone CPR “HCP”

Course Length

These renewal classes range in length from 3 to 8 hours depending on the course, provider and level of CPR.

Renewal / Re-Cert Course Cost

These classes range in price from 25 dollars to 120 dollars depending on course, provider and training partner.


To be eligible for a renewal class candidates need to meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must have completed a renewal or full course within the past 3 years through a credible provider.
  • Candidates must have completed a course through a credible provider such as St Mark James, Lifesaving Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation or St. Johns Ambulance. Courses completed on-line are not eligible for renewal.
  • Candidates must have completed the previous course within Canada. Certificates are nationally accredited but not internationally. Candidates must re-take the course if they completed the course outside of Canada.
  • Participants in Ontario must have received previous certification through St Mark James.
  • Participants in Ontario may not take two re-cert courses consecutively

It is important to note that not all providers have these prerequisites. These prerequisites are for people wanting a St Mark James renewal / re-certification class. Other providers have more stringent policies.


To register for a renewal class select your location from the side menu bar or main menu bar to be directed to a provider near you. We strive to provide as many credible St Mark James providers in your region.

Class Content

The class content for a renewal course is very similar to that of the regular / full course. Candidates will go over the same material in a more condensed format with a focus on changes to the standards and in area’s in which candidates need improvement. For more information about the renewal course content select the full course from the main menu or side menu bar.