What to Do During a Migraine Attack

Migraines can occur at anytime, causing extreme pain. Statistics reveal that more than 60% of people suffering from migraines lack the capability of functioning normal during a migraine attack. The good news is that there are several proven home remedies that can lessen the pain.

Rest for a While

Migraines are normally triggered when changing sleep routines and work schedules. Once the body has become accustomed to a certain pattern, any changes will definitely exert pressure. Do not rest in a bright room because light is bound to worsen the symptoms. Open windows for fresh air.

Take Caffeine

Although caffeine can be useful in suppressing a migraine attack, excess amounts will do the exact opposite. Studies prove that the combination of caffeine and aspirin or ibuprofen is effective for this condition.

Use Ice Packs

Take an ice pack, put it on top of your forehead and lie down. This will prevent the migraine from worsening. Once the ice starts to melt, take another ice pack and repeat the process. However, this technique will only work when the ice pack is on the forehead, the migraine might resurface as soon as it’s removed.

Eat More Spices

Red pepper has an active hot ingredient known as capsaicin, which is a very effective painkiller particularly for migraines. When you’re experiencing a migraine attack, consider eating spicy food that contains this wonder ingredient. Furthermore, capsaicin capsules are available in health stores so you can just purchase few bottles and stock your house.

Take a Bath

Bathing usually rejuvenates the body by riding the skin of dead cells and opening clogged pores. When suffering from a migraine, take a long bath. Forget about all the troubles of life and just enjoy the water. Switching off the lights is a great way of zoning out.

Take a Nap

Many people with tight schedules rarely sleep for the recommended hours. As a result, they suffer migraines. If this is your case, the best thing to do is to take a short nap. A 20-minute nap will suffice and you’ll be surprised at how refreshed you’ll wake up feeling.

Massage Yourself

Migraine attacks usually affect nerves in the brain. You can alleviate the condition by simply massaging the affected nerves, which are usually located at the sides of the forehead. Use gentle, clockwise strokes until the pain disappears.

Important Tips:

In case you’re experiencing migraines and nausea, drink plenty of water. You can also hydrate by drinking fruit juices and energy drinks.

Avoid watching TV close by or for a long period of time. Those working in front of computers should also take time outs regularly.

Stay away from bright lights, including flashes from cameras, when experiencing migraine attacks due to heightened sensitivity to light.

Take a sick leave from work. There is no point in reporting to work with a serious case of migraine which will eventually undermine your productivity.

Hold your head tightly where it hurts with your index fingers to suppress the pain.

Visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis of the situation.


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