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CPR Course in Los Angeles - CPR Class

CPR Course in Los Angeles


Assessment is important before calling for help. Check the victim’s pulse and respiration, and if both are absent or irregular, call for emergency medical help.

Los Angeles CPR is known as one of the best CPR providers in the state. With a selection of very affordable CPR training classes, students continually choose us to be their provider. Only certified trainers teach our programs so our students get the best possible educational experience.

Enrollment and sign up

There are numerous ways to enroll for training at Los Angeles CPR, the most popular among students being online enrollment. There are two ways for signing up online: (1) e-mail and (2) Los Angeles CPR website. The website has an online form that is available 24/7 and can be filled out at any time. Enrollment via telephone and in person is highly encouraged as well, just remember to do so during regular business hours.

What is CPR training?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency procedure used to make blood circulate through the body. When the heart stops beating, the condition is called cardiac arrest. CPR is done to help the heart pump blood as well as to restart it. However, CPR alone cannot manage cardiac arrest, Rescue breaths, medication, and defibrillation all go hand-in-hand with chest compressions.

When you look at the statistics, over 88 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest occur in the home. However, only 32 percent of these arrests receive CPR from a bystander. To remedy this, the American Heart Association and their affiliates train over 12 million rescuers each year.

Kinds of CPR training available

There are different kinds of CPR training that we offer, categorized mainly into basic and advanced training. Basic Life Support courses are short and focus on three basic CPR skills: chest compressions, rescue breaths, and defibrillation. Advanced Life Courses go beyond these basic skills, focusing on advanced medical management. Medical management covers skills used by medical professionals – such as medication administration and diagnostic exams.

Training programs at Los Angeles CPR

At Los Angeles CPR, we offer three courses under Basic Life Support and two courses under Advanced Life Support.  We also have three re-certification courses available for three of our training courses. These courses run from 4 hours to 16 hours, depending on what program you take.

Basic Life Support

  • Heartsaver CPR and AED – 4 hours
  • Heartsaver CPR and AED C – 4.5 hours
  • Basic Life Support for HCPs – 4.5 hours
  • Basic Life Support for HCPs re-certification – 4 hours

Advanced Life Support

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support – 16 hours (2 days)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support re-certification – 5 – 6 hours
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support – 14 hours (2 days)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support re-certification – 6 – 8 hours

How do I get certified?

All of the courses we offer at Los Angeles CPR are certification courses. If you complete all of the requirements (attendance, pre-test, and certification exam), we award you with a training certificate that is valid for two years. It can be renewed through a re-certification class.

However, remember to renew before your certificate expires! We do not allow students to sign up re-certfication once their credentials have expired; they have to take the training program again.


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