Will I receive certification in the use of AED’s?

Yes, all CPR classes include automated external defibrillator training and certification.

How long is my CPR certificate valid for?

All candidates that successfully complete a CPR class will receive a certificate that is valid for 3 years.

Are CPR classes hard?

Over 90% of candidates have no problems passing. However, the providers that we link to offer candidates the opportunity to retake the course at no extra cost if you do not complete the course.

Am I eligible for a renewal course?

Visit our renewal course page to see if you are eligible for a CPR renewal course.

What do I wear to CPR class?

Wear comfortable clothes, you will be working from your knees and moving around quite a bit.

Should I bring a lunch?

The providers of CPR classes do not provide any meals, however, training centres are usually located near restaurants.

Will I get a break in the class?

Yes, instructors provide candidates several breaks throughout the class.

Can the class be any shorter than advertised?

No, instructors must offer the class at the advertised times.

What is the best CPR provider?

St Mark James is the most popular, competitively priced and highest quality provider.

Can St Mark James renew my certificate if I received it from another provider?

Yes, as long as it is a credible provider. The major providers of Canada are recognized by St Mark James.

Do I have to take a test?

Yes, in order to successfully complete the course you have to complete a multiple choice test with a minimum score of 75%

Can I register on-line?

Yes, all of the providers we link to offer comfortable, secure and convenient on-line registration.

Can I schedule a private course?

Yes, the providers that we link to offer private CPR classes for you and your business.