CPR “B” Class

For the past several decades the top 4 first aid and CPR providers have been providing CPR level “B” classes. However, this CPR class has somewhat become obsolete. With the changes to CPR happening almost every 5 years with a focus on making CPR simpler and more straight forward, CPR level “B” has been slowly removed from the program. In the 1990’s and prior, CPR level “A” focused on CPR for only adult victims, CPR “B” focused on CPR for adult and child victims and CPR “C” focused on CPR for adult, child and infant victims. However, CPR changes in the new millennium made CPR for adults and children almost equivalent which made having a CPR “B” level unnecessary.

CPR level “B” training, which teaches rescue techniques for child and infant victims, is only available through childcare first aid programs.

Where you will still see CPR level “B”?

The only class that advertises CPR “B” training is for St Mark James’ emergency and child care first aid courses. Some providers will offer in with the emergency first aid program, however, if they are, they are slowly removing it from the program.

None of the major providers offer stand-alone CPR level “B” training courses. They have been removed from the program due to reasons mentioned above.


For more information about available CPR “B” classes and stand-alone CPR programs in your region visit our locations page.