Sports Medicine Emergency

How to act while Saving a Drowning Victim

When you see a drowning victim while swimming at the beach or pool, act quickly. In most cases, you’ll only have a few minutes to save a drowning person, so if the lifeguard is not around, the person might die. Being prepared is vital as it will make the much needed difference in saving a life. However, never attempt to ... Read More »

Femur Fracture: Types and Management

I can remember working at one of my first rugby games as Emergency Medical and Sports Responder when a 500lb man ran into a much smaller player. Even across the field we could hear the loud popping sound and the gut wrenching scream of this big strong man. This occasion was one of the most frightening experiences thus far in ... Read More »

Sports Medicine Emergency Personnel Roles

As athletic injuries occur at any time and during any activity, the Sports Medicine Team must be prepared because emergency situations may arise anytime during these athletic events. During a typical athletic practice or competition, the first responder to an emergency is typically a member of the Sports Medicine Staff, most commonly a Certified Athletic Trainer (also known as ATC) ... Read More »