Minor Sickness

Staying Healthy During the Flu Season

Cold temperatures usher in the flu season. This is an illness that affects millions of people in the US and billions worldwide every year. Statistics also show that more than 200, 000 people in America are usually hospitalized annually because of flu. The virus is air-borne thus spreads when people sneeze, cough or even talk. One can also contract flu ... Read More »

Managing Insomnia Using Natural Strategies

By description, insomnia is a condition that makes it difficult to fall asleep. Other people suffering from it are usually unable to stay asleep with the slightest noise waking them up. The disorder has become quite common, especially in the Western world, which is what has created the dire need for managing insomnia effectively. Sleep is very important for anyone ... Read More »

How to Manage Vomiting in Children

Vomiting in children is normal, even for infants. Vomiting is the forceful ejection of the stomach’s contents through the mouth, and sometimes, even through the nose. Vomiting is a natural defense ofthe body to remove any potentially toxic substances in the body. Its medical term is emesis.It can be caused by a wide variety of illnesses, ranging from mild to ... Read More »