First Aid Tips

Jobs That Require CPR Training

Most jobs require one to get CPR training in order to be able to handle medical emergency situation that require one to undertake CPR in order to save a life. People working in various careers are exposed to high levels of risks that can cause choking, lack of breathe or cardiac arrest that require immediate attention. An effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation ... Read More »

CPR Class: What to Look for During LOC Assessment

The success of a CPR treatment partly relies in the efficiency of the level of consciousness (LOC) assessment that is going to be conducted by the rescuer since the outcomes of this assessment determine the actions that will be taken by the rescuer. This is why it is important to take a CPR class which properly tackles LOC assessment and ... Read More »

Causes and cures of Hammertoe

The deformity of toes, in which an abnormal bent is present, is known as the hammertoe. An abnormal bent causes the toe to bend inward. Generally this abnormality of toes is seen in women who wear high heels as the pressure is exerted ion the toes and prolonged stress causes them to bend and produces a kink. Abnormal bending usually ... Read More »

Rape: All you need to know and more

What is Rape Rape is something no one wants to experience but it happens anyway. You may be asking what rape has to do with first aid. Well, first aid is the first medical response to any accident or incident that might cause harm to a person.  Before looking at what must be done, one must be able to identify ... Read More »

Asthma : No Inhaler

After another all-nighter at the library, Janice entered her dormitory hoping to finally get some well-deserved sleep. Noticing that her roommate, Grace, seem to be asleep she quietly changed and went to bed.  As she finally started to slip off to sleep she heard a funny whistling sound, she snuggling deeper into her bed ignoring it willing herself to sleep. ... Read More »

Poisoning in Children: What to do if it happens

POISONING IN CHILDREN Jocelyn was sitting in her study when she suddenly heard silence from her children, who were in the kitchen, followed by a gut wrenching scream. Her blood chilled as she rushed into her kitchen to see the one of her twin sons on floor gripping his stomach as he twisted in pain. On the floor beside him ... Read More »

Pneumothorax or collapsed lung

What is the condition exactly? Pneumo means air and pneumothorax means air in the thoracic cavity. Most of the people would think it’s normal to have air in thorax, but no it’s not; the air is in the lungs only. that lie in the thoracic cavity. So the air is not present in the thorax, it’s only found in lungs. ... Read More »

CPR Class: A Requirement for Nurses

Unknown to many, taking a CPR class is a requirement for most nurses all over the world. In many countries, nurses are not allowed to work in hospitals under any circumstances if they do not have a CPR or BLS certificate. This just goes to show that CPR is still a viable life-saving technique that even healthcare professionals use. How ... Read More »

Rape: Types, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

If a sexual intercourse occurs by force or from threat of harm, it can be called rape. Sexual intercourse may be vaginal, anal, or oral, involving the use of any body part or an object. There are different forms of rape, which will be discussed later. Anyone can be a victim of rape, both men and women, however, it is ... Read More »

Bad Breath: Causes, Symptoms, Management and Prevention

Bad breath is medically known as halitosis. It is a symptom where there is evident unpleasant odor upon exhalation. It can result from poor dental hygiene but also can be caused by the type of foods one eats, unhealthy lifestyle habits or an underlying health condition. In most cases, bad breath can be improved with proper home management. The food ... Read More »