First Aid Tips

Home First Aid – Skin Rash Remedies

Skin Rashes Skin rashes are common, and there are a lot of them. Some come from allergic reactions, while others could be fungal or viral in nature. Generally speaking, a rash is considered any change to your skin’s normal color or texture. Let us look at some tips for providing different kind of skin rash remedies Coconut oil – One ... Read More »

Do Not Give Excuses Anymore! Learn CPR Training

The continual advocacy for the saving of lives through CPR training has allowed many individuals to take up this form of first aid training. In fact, due to the popularity of the same, more CPR training centers are opting to offer first aid training alongside that of CPR to create an effective measure against the numerous emergencies that continually affect ... Read More »

Does Compression-Only CPR Work Better To Retain Brain Functionality?

There are two distinct ways in which CPR may be carried out: these include hands-only CPR as well as the traditional way of giving CPR where compressions are accompanied by rescue breaths. It has been shown that there is a possibility compression-only CPR has a higher success rate when it comes to the management and preservation of the brain’s function. ... Read More »

A Study Guide To CPR Certification

Whether you are studying for your CPR certification, or are looking to renew your certification, it is important to know what pointers to use as a study guide. As is expected, the skills to be tested will differ from one training centre to another. The concept, however, remains the same regardless of the training centre that one attends. To pass ... Read More »

CPR Tricks That You Must Know

Seeing as the science behind different first aid tricks have continued to improve over the years, it makes sense for anyone trained in first aid to keep abreast with the changes of the same. Listed top in this list is the essence of CPR tricks. CPR revolves around the attempt of resuscitating a person who, for whatever reason, has stopped ... Read More »

Hands-Only CPR- Is This The Way To Go?

If you were in the presence of an individual getting a cardiac arrest, would you know what to do? Well, apart from reaching out to the phone to call for medical emergency? Would you know the basic life support skills to help increase the chances of survival? If you do not have an idea of what you would do, then this article ... Read More »

Tips for Managing Asthma in Children

How do you manage asthma in children? Asthma is a long-term illness that affects the lungs. It’s possible to effectively manage the condition but impossible to cure it. When the lungs of a child suffering from the condition are irritated, an attack occurs. Asthma in children is rarely life threatening although it makes breathing difficult. This page on tips for ... Read More »

What to Do During a Migraine Attack

Migraines can occur at anytime, causing extreme pain. Statistics reveal that more than 60% of people suffering from migraines lack the capability of functioning normal during a migraine attack. The good news is that there are several proven home remedies that can lessen the pain. Rest for a While Migraines are normally triggered when changing sleep routines and work schedules. ... Read More »

Proper ways of Handling Child Suffocation at Home

How do you deal with child suffocation at home? Toddlers are usually at a higher risk of facing suffocation than young infants or newborns. However, all children must be protected from this safety hazard. Child suffocation is a very serious problem that should be addressed by all parents but very few are actually up-to task. It’s for this reason that ... Read More »

First Aid on Choking

Choking implies that a person stops breathing as a result of blockage of the throat. Choking may result into partial or complete blockage of the airway. The common cause of choking to the elderly people is food whereas to children it generally results from swallowing of small objects which get stuck in the throat. The discussion below relates to children ... Read More »