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Sign Up for a OH&S Approved Canadian CPR Class in Calgary, Alberta

CPR Class in Calgary

CPR class in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary First Aid is the leading training provider of advanced and basic first aid and CPR programs in Calgary. With two training centres it also has a large selection of dates, times and courses available for participants. CPR courses available with this provider teach participants safe and common sense rescue techniques that are designed to prevent further harm, keep the rescuer safe and preserve life. Participants will learn to become part of the chain of survival and manage victims using a primary and secondary survey rescue approach. The latest CPR rescue techniques are taught using mannequins and AED trainers to provide an effective hands on learning environment. Certificates issued through this provider meet Alberta workplace requirements. Learn life saving and effective rescue techniques by enrolling in first aid and CPR classes in Calgary today using the registration form below. 

Enrolment and registration

Click here for a complete list of offered training programs, rates, and schedules. You may also register on-line using the form below. After choosing the course that you want, you can use the registration form below to complete your enrolment. E-mails, telephone calls, and walk-ins are also highly encouraged for registration.

Event Name Venue Time Cost Register

Contact information

You can reach Calgary First Aid using the information below.

Calgary First Aid is located just outside down town Calgary, within walking distance to public transportation (a C-train station is across the stress) and free parking. For more information about this provider or the amenities located, refer to the map posted below.

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CPR Course Prices

Calgary First Aid is committed to offering the lowest prices for all available classes. Rates include taxes, certificates, and use of training manuals and equipment. Trainees don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

  • Workplace Approved CPR level “A” and AED – 58.99
  • Workplace Approved CPR level “C” and AED – 69.99
  • Workplace Approved CPR level “HCP” and AED – 69.99
  • Workplace Approved CPR level “C” and AED Re-Certification – 54.99
  • Workplace Approved CPR level “HCP” and AED Re-Certification – 64.99

Trainees are also entitled to a full refund if they drop out, as long as a 72-hour notice is given.

Certification programs

The following are comprehensive first aid, CPR and AED programs that are available to participants with no required prerequisites:

  • Standard first aid
  • Emergency first aid
  • Wilderness first aid
  • Babysitting training
  • Childcare first aid

Stand-alone classes for CPR are available as well, if you do not want to enrol in the full standard and emergency first aid training course. Stand-alone CPR classes include AED training too, as per the latest guidelines by the American Heart Association.

Private CPR Training Courses

Unlike many providers in Calgary, this workplace approved provider can provide private training programs at its facilities or a trained and experienced instructor can teach a group of almost any size at your facility. Private classes are available for any course and are available on weekdays and weekends. To book a private first aid and / or CPR class use the contact information provided above.

Training certificate

St Mark James training certificates are awarded to trainees who are able to pass and complete a training course.  Certificates state the level of training acquired and AED training. The certificate is valid for three years throughout Canada.

Participants looking to renew expiring certificates / awards can do so by attending a re-certification course. In order to be eligible for re-certification an award must still be current and be provided through an approved Canadian provider. No re-certifications are available for expired awards (participants must re-take the full course).

Did You Know?

ACL Injury

An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament usually happens to athletes in sports where a sudden stop and change in the direction is needed. Repetitive movements like that put a long of strain on the knee and the ACL. Ligaments connect bone and muscle together and the ACL connects the femur to the tibia, stabilizing the knee joint. Any twisting or hyperextension of the knee can cause a tear to the ligament, such as during a jump or a fall. When the injury happens, most people feel a “pop” from the knee, followed by inability to the knee to bear any weight and movement. Pain and swelling develop soon afterwards.

Participants that enrol in standard first aid and CPR classes in Calgary will learn to manage victims of bone injuries as well as sprains and strains. Participants will learn to recognize these injuries and provide effective methods of preventing further harm.