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Some Helpful First Aid Tips For Parents

Do you know the importance of common first aid tips? Children under the age of five are bound to have some occasional tumbles. While it’s almost impossible to prevent such occurrences, there’s much that can be done to make them feel better. Here are some common first aid tips that doctors advise parents to take. These include methods for patching ... Read More »

Do Not Give Excuses Anymore! Learn CPR Training

The continual advocacy for the saving of lives through CPR training has allowed many individuals to take up this form of first aid training. In fact, due to the popularity of the same, more CPR training centers are opting to offer first aid training alongside that of CPR to create an effective measure against the numerous emergencies that continually affect ... Read More »

Does Compression-Only CPR Work Better To Retain Brain Functionality?

There are two distinct ways in which CPR may be carried out: these include hands-only CPR as well as the traditional way of giving CPR where compressions are accompanied by rescue breaths. It has been shown that there is a possibility compression-only CPR has a higher success rate when it comes to the management and preservation of the brain’s function. ... Read More »

A Study Guide To CPR Certification

Whether you are studying for your CPR certification, or are looking to renew your certification, it is important to know what pointers to use as a study guide. As is expected, the skills to be tested will differ from one training centre to another. The concept, however, remains the same regardless of the training centre that one attends. To pass ... Read More »

CPR Tricks That You Must Know

Seeing as the science behind different first aid tricks have continued to improve over the years, it makes sense for anyone trained in first aid to keep abreast with the changes of the same. Listed top in this list is the essence of CPR tricks. CPR revolves around the attempt of resuscitating a person who, for whatever reason, has stopped ... Read More »

First Aid For Bumps And Bruises

In the home settings, there are a number of ways that many can end up with bumps and bruises. They come due to the little or major accidents that we get involved in such as a simple fall, knock on the furniture or banging the head on the wall may all result in a bump and bruise. The material posted ... Read More »

How To Handle Snake Bite Emergencies

A snake bite is the occurrence of any given kind of a snake getting to bite the skin of a person. This is normally common with trekkers. In their quest to enjoy nature, trekkers are normally exposed to interacting with snakes in the wild and getting bitten. There are both poisonous and non poisonous snakes. Unless one is certain of ... Read More »

Hands-Only CPR- Is This The Way To Go?

If you were in the presence of an individual getting a cardiac arrest, would you know what to do? Well, apart from reaching out to the phone to call for medical emergency? Would you know the basic life support skills to help increase the chances of survival? If you do not have an idea of what you would do, then this article ... Read More »

CPR For Fish – Is This A New Fad?

Is there anything like CPR for fish? This has to be one of the most pertinent questions as far as CPR conducted for other animals is concerned. The good news is that yes, there is such a things as fish CPR, only that it may deviate from the norm, and for obvious reason. Unlike other animals on dry land, fish ... Read More »

Bird First Aid & Common Injuries

A bird is a treasured pet. To maintain a safe environment for this kind of pet, it’s mandatory to learn more on what must be done. Bird first aid knowledge will definitely come in handy. You’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision when you know the dos and don’ts. This will help to keep the bird ... Read More »