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Dealing With Allergic Asthma

Overview Individuals with asthma often live with swollen airways. Medicines are available to stop the airways from constricting. Sometimes, however, certain substances can exacerbate the airways, and they might begin to inflame, constrict, and stop air from flowing through the lungs. These triggers, referred to as allergens, can consist of substances such as pollen, pet hair, smoke, or mildew spores. ... Read More »

Factors That Increase a Cold

Introduction Differing to what we were told as kids, damp hair does not cause a cold. Colds are essentially caused by more than 200 hundred viruses. There are issues that can increase the possibility of getting the common cold. These factors consist of age, sleep deprivation, anxiety, smoking, and the time or season of the year. Factors that Increase Colds Age ... Read More »

Cuts: When Stitches Are Needed

Overview It is vital to determine if your cuts has to be stitched by a GP. Your risk of infection escalates if you wound stays open for too long. The majority of wounds that need to be closed should be stitched, fastened, or sealed with skin glue (also known as liquid stitches). Rinse the wound properly and end the bleeding, then squeeze ... Read More »

Preventing The Flu

Personal Cleanliness When coughing or sneezing, place your hand in front your nose and mouth with a tissue. Dispose the tissue immediately after you are done. Rinse your hands with water and soap. Rinse your hands frequently with soap and water. If water or soap is not accessible, you can also use a hand rub or gel. Try not to share ... Read More »

Building Your First Aid Kit

Get a strongbox for Your First Aid Kit Your first aid kit should be reachable and manageable. You want one that’s large enough to hold the essentials. A little tackle box makes an excellent first aid kit or you can utilize something as easy as a resealable freezer bag. Think about the sort of first aid kit you intend to ... Read More »

Treating A Broken Nose

Introduction  A broken nose can be painful and is usually caused by a blow to the face or falling on the face. The good news is that broken noses usually heal up in about three weeks, and caring for this break can often be done at home. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, you need to see the GP as soon ... Read More »

First Aid For Scars

Overview Of Scars A scar forms due to a wound or injury and it becomes a mark that does not fade over time, even after this has healed. They are very common, and almost everyone has some sort of scar. Scars can occur on the interior and exterior of the body. For example, scarring can happen on organs if surgery ... Read More »

Managing The Causes Of Diarrhea

Overview Diarrhea is a disease that is spread from one person to another due to infection from an organism. According to statistics, India falls behind the rest of the world because of the large number of people who do not have access to proper bathrooms which leads to open defecation, a practice common in rural parts of the country. Causes ... Read More »

Determining The Symptoms Of Fainting

  Overview Fainting is a short-lived episode of unconsciousness caused by an abrupt drop in blood pressure. The most expected cause of this unexpected drop will either be some variation in the blood vessels or the heartbeat itself. Blood vessels constantly regulate their width to guarantee constant blood pressure. For example, the vessels contract (tighten) when we stand up to ... Read More »

Identifying Strokes in Kids

Overview Children and newborn babies can develop a stroke. A stroke is the disturbance of blood to the brain. The brain cells in the immediate region perish and those in the adjacent areas are affected by the condensed blood flow. Once brain cells perish, their functions die with them. The causes of juvenile strokes are not well comprehended, but are ... Read More »