CPR Classes in Abbotsford

CPR Training Mannequins in Abbotsford

Learn to provide effective CPR for unconscious victims by enrolling in a CPR class in Abbotsford with Vancouver First Aid.

Learn to manage choking emergencies, unconscious victims, and non-breathing casualties by enrolling in a CPR class in Abbotsford with Vancouver First Aid.  Vancouver First Aid Ltd, established in 2010, is the largest Red Cross provider in the Mainland and has expanded to open a new office in Abbotsford, B.C. in the Spring of 2017. The newly opened training centre is located in the centre of Abbotsford and provides many amenities including close proximity to the Skytrain, ample parking and plenty of places to eat nearby. Read through this page to find out the many things you will learn in one of the many CPR classes in Abbotsford with Vancouver First Aid.

Learn to Manage Choking Emergencies

Would you know what to do if someone was choking near you? How would you react? Here’s some of the basic steps (these steps are for learning purposes only, learn to effectively provide aid by taking a course) you will learn when you enrol in one of the CPR classes:

  • Step 1: Ask for permission. Without permission from the casualty you can not move forward.
  • Step 2: If they are coughing, encourage them to continue coughing. Coughing victims means that they are partially obstructed and the body is working to remove the blockage. No need to intervene, just encourage the coughing.
  • Step 3: If they stop coughing position yourself behind the casualty and perform 5 j-thrusts
  • Step 4: After 5 j-thrusts perform 5 back blows while standing next the the casualty with the arms in a supporting position
  • Step 5: Continue with 5 j-thrusts followed by 5 back blows until “Pop or Drop”. What “pop or drop” means is that you should continue until the obstruction pops out or the victims drops (unconscious).

Learn more by taking a CPR course in Abbotsford today.

Learn to Manage Unconscious Children

Would you know what to do if you stumbled upon an unconscious child? How would you react? Here’s some basic steps to help you with your CPR skills. Remember, the information posted here is for learning purposes only. If you want to learn how to help an unconscious child take a CPR course today.

Step 1: Check for dangers. Make sure there is nothing in the area that could make you a victim as well. You can’t help anybody if you hurt yourself as well.

Step 2: Did anybody see what happened? Are parents around? You will need consent to help if parents are around. Try to figure out what happened by looking / asking around real quick.

Step 3: Check the person. Is he or she sleeping? Tap them on the shoulders. Are they responding? If so, how much of a reaction?

Step 4: Check for breathing. Head – tilt – chin – lift to open the airway and check for breathing for no more than 10 seconds. If they aren’t breathing you’re going to have to start CPR.

Step 5: If the casualty isn’t breathing perform 30 chest compressions for every two ventilations

Learn how to effectively provide chest compressions and CPR by taking a CPR course in Abbotsford with Vancouver First Aid today.

Chest Compression Video